Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The retreat is open for people of age 13 and above.
  • This is a stay-in retreat.
  • There is no parking available.

– Comfortable and respectful clothing. Please wear pants/skirts to knee length or longer, and shirts that cover the shoulder, i.e., no tank tops, spaghetti straps, shorts, short skirts.
– Sufficient clothing for your entire stay in the retreat. There are no laundry facilities at the venue.
– Something to keep warm if you get cold easily. The main hall and dormitories are air conditioned.
– A cushion or folded towel to sit on (limited chairs available). Good to have an outdoor sitting mat.
– A yoga mat or towel to lie down on for Total Relaxation.
– A water bottle or flask for water and making hot tea.
– An umbrella or poncho.
– Insect repellent, sunscreen.
– Personal toiletries, towel, flashlight and medication.
– Appropriate footwear. We recommend: comfortable shoes for short walks and casual shoes/ slippers that are easy to slip-on and slip-off.
IMPORTANT: To reduce our impact on the environment, we ask that you kindly bring your own reusable utensils such as food container (bowl or lunch box), fork and spoon, or chopsticks for having meals. We will practise mindful washing of utensils after each meal.

– Do not bring any valuables.
– Vegetarian meals will be provided. Please do not bring any food which requires refrigeration as fridge is not available.
– There is no accommodation for pets. Please do not bring them.
– Please keep the retreat smoke free, alcohol free, and scent (i.e. perfumes/colognes) free.
– To fully enjoy the benefits of the retreat, we invite you to take a break from projects, smartphones and all other electronic gadgets (eg. game devices, MP3 players, tablets) during your time at the retreat. Please try to only use the phone when you really need to.

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