Message from Thai Plum Village:

Dear young friends,

Would you like to be a monastic for three months to have an opportunity and time to deepen your practice in order to transform and heal your difficulties and to nourish happiness, to be ordained and live a noble life, to be happy with what we have with less desire, and to learn to live with the big sangha during the rain retreat year 2017?

Thai Plum Village International Practice Centre has opened a special program for friends aged between 18-35 years old. It is an ordination program for those who wish to walk on the path of understanding and love.

“Stepping into Freedom” is a 3 month ordination program organised for the third time at Thai Plum Village International Practice Centre. We will be able to accept only 10 men and 10 women in this program due to limited conditions.

To understand the young monastic life better, you will have a chance to attend all sangha scheduled activities and be supervised by the dharma teachers. You will learn the four aspects of practice which are studying, playing, practising and working that our Teacher have taught.

This is the opportunity to cultivate brotherhood and sisterhood. You will also have a chance to learn the basic practices that can help you better organise activities for your local sangha to enrich the spiritual life and nourish the mind of serving others.

For details please read Registration Announcement 2017
Registration form : Aspirant form
Closing date: 12 May 2017

Please direct all enquiries to the contact stated in the detailed announcement document.