A retreat is an opportunity to enjoy simple and peaceful living, and to learn how to cultivate the energy of mindfulness, so we can have more freedom, peace and happiness in our daily life. It is also a chance to nurture our inner growth as we take time to look deeply in order to transform both our individual difficulties and the difficulties in our society.

At Plum Village retreats, we learn how to weave mindfulness into all our daily activities, and live each moment of life more deeply. We practice meditation throughout the day – while eating, walking, working mindfully, sitting, or simply enjoying a cup of tea together.

We are happy to share news about several upcoming retreats around Asia:

Mindfulness as Medicine for Mental Well-Being
Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism, Hong Kong
22/10/2015@4:00pm – 25/10/2015@2:00pm

This annual mind-body health retreat with the Plum Village monastics at the Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism looks into the emerging field of mind-body medicine, in which mindfulness plays an important role in healing. We will look deeper into the application of mindfulness as mind-body medicine to promote mental well-being.

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The Pureland in the Here and Now
Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highlands, Malaysia
21/11/2015@3:00pm – 24/11/2015@1:30pm

A family and youth mindfulness retreat for parents, children, teens and individuals, with the monks and nuns of Plum Village from Plum Village Practice Centers in Asia. Parents and children will have separate as well as joint activities.

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Joyfully Together Retreats in Viet Nam
Various locations around Viet Nam
Loving Work Retreat:
19/03/2016 – 02/04/2016
Joyfully Together Mobile Retreat:
02/04/2016 – 16/04/2016

The Loving Work Foundation organizes two annual retreats celebrating the cultural vibracy, historical and spiritual roots, and everyday lives of the people of Viet Nam. Partner with humanitarian programs throughout Viet Nam, providing participants with opportunities to engage in service projects at a grass-roots, hands-on level. Explore sites of spiritual and historical significance throughout the country.

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