Dear Friends,

For the past few weeks our friends at Joyful Garden Sangha have been happily busy preparing for our Plum Village Retreat in Singapore this year (16-19 July 2015). We still remember to nurture ourselves everyday with moments of silent sitting, deep breaths and gentle steps, so that working can be another chance to cultivate mindfulness and to build friendship.

The monthly Day of Mindfulness (DOM) is still going on as part of our practice and as a gift to the larger community. Please come join us!


Sun 07 Jun 2015 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Poh Ming Tse Temple 438 Dunearn Road Singapore 289613

The DOM is a one-day mindfulness retreat in the tradition of Plum Village and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. It is a day for the community to come back together to be nourished from the collective energies, practising leaving behind work and worries, to experience the many wonders of life. Together we learn to enjoy doing daily things with mindfulness – sitting, listening, eating, resting, walking, speaking – bringing our body and mind into the present moment.

09:30 Check-in
10:00 Welcome & Introduction
10:15 Guided Sitting Meditation
11:00 Dharma Talk Video
12:00 Mindful Eating
01:00 Total Relaxation
02:00 Mindful Movements/Walking
02:30 Sharing Circle
04:00 Farewell

For more information about the community and the practice, please visit the website. Please connect if you have any questions. The community looks forward to your presence and practising with you.