Dear Friends,

Thank you for your presence at the community’s Day of Mindfulness.

Here are links to a few resources which may encourage all of us to continue practicing being present in our everyday living, outside of the DOM:

* Mindful Sitting & Mindful Walking – instructions and some additional insights.

* The 5 Contemplations for Mindful Eating

* Songs for the Practice (“Plum Village songs”)

* How To Give Yourself a One-Hour Total Relaxation

The tentative date for the next DOM is 2015 Apr. 12; however, please look out for an email invitation to confirm the actual date.

If you would like to practice more frequently with a small informal Practice Group outside of the DOM, just drop us a note at 🙂

And last but not least, if you have any comments or feedback, or just want to say hi, please email us at It is a delight to have a community to practice together!

Breathe and Smile,
Joyful Garden Sangha | facebook