Dear Friend,

You are invited to a Day of Mindfulness (DOM) facilitated by Joyful Garden Sangha, taking guidance from Plum Village and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

The DOM is a day for the community to come back together to be nourished from the collective energies, practicing leaving behind work and worries, to experience the happiness of the present moment. In practicing together, we learn to enjoy doing daily things with mindfulness – walking, sitting, eating, listening, speaking, resting – bringing our body and mind into the present moment.

Date: 20 July 2014
Time: 10AM to 4PM
Venue: Gan Clan, 18 Bukit Pasoh Rd Singapore 089832,

– Check-in starts 30 minutes before the first activity
– Welcome & Introduction
– Guided Sitting Meditation
– Mindful movements/walking

– Dharma Talk Video
– Mindful Eating
– Total Relaxation
– Mindful Speech and Deep Listening, a.k.a. Sharing Circle
– Farewell

For Sharing Circle: we plan to have two or three circles for this activity, one of which is for participants aged 35 and below, facilitated by the Wake Up* group.

For more information about the community and the practice, please visit the website. Please connect if you have any questions. The community looks forward to your presence and practising with you.

* Wake Up Singapore is a group of young friends who enjoy spending time together to practice breathing, sitting, walking, singing, playing, gardening, cooking, and so on in mindfulness. We are the seedlings sprouted from Joyful Garden Sangha. We are part of Wake Up, an active global community of young mindfulness practitioners, aged 18- 35, inspired by the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village Monastics. We come together to practice mindfulness in order to take care of ourselves, nourish happiness and contribute to building a healthier and a more compassionate society.