Walk With Me - Request for Sangha Support

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas!


For the past two years the Plum Village monastic community has welcomed two international award-winning filmmakers (Max Pugh & Marc J. Francis) to follow their lives and practice in Plum Village and in their US monasteries.

Their deep aspiration is to create a cinematic documentary film that embodies the spirit of Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings and can cultivate a global conversation about the power of mindfulness.

This journey began when one of the monastics invited his brother, Max Pugh, to capture the lives of the monastics on their 2011 US tour. Inspired by this experience the project has grown to its current manifestation: a film intended for cinematic release for audiences world wide.

The filmmakers are now in the final stages of filming and are heading into the editing process. They want to reach out to the international Sangha for support by inviting you to:

1. sign up to their mailing list at http://www.walkwithmefilm.com

2. “like” their Facebook page. facebook.com/walkwithmefilm

If they can demonstrate that there is a large audience interested to see this film, then they will be able to get the best distribution deal possible. This will ensure that the film reaches people far and wide.

Please sign up now.

With gratitude for your support,
The “Walk With Me” film team