Dear Sangha,

Thank you for attending our Day of Mindfulness (DOM) today. We are happy that you came and shared your presence and practice with the community.

We are sending you here a few links which we think may encourage all of us to continue practicing mindfulness in our everyday living:

* Watch Dharma Talk – 2012 Summer Retreat Q&A with Thay or access it on Facebook

* Songs we sang at the practice (a.k.a. “Plum Village songs”)

* Listen / Download How To Give Yourself a One-Hour Total Relaxation

* Upcoming retreats can be found here

And below are the upcoming practices:

* Day of Mindfulness: June 23 (notification will be emailed when registration opens)

* Group Practice: June 9. Our Sangha meet on the second Sunday every month to sit, drink tea, have a mindful meal and share our life stories. You are welcome to join us. Do email us early to allow us time for logistic arrangement.

And last but not least, if you have any comments or feedback, or just want to say hi, please email us at plumvillagesingapore. We hope to see you again!