We had a wonderful day of mindfulness today with 30 participants and a much much slower program. Thank you all for your beautiful presence.

For those who want to revisit the Dharma Talk given by Thay, here is the link:


“Upon the publication of his book, “The Energy of Prayer”, Zen Master the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh was asked by Publishers Weekly to answer ten questions about prayer and about his teaching. This dharma talk is a response to those questions: “Some Christians — those who think of God as someone external and powerful and transcendent — would be surprised to know that Buddhists pray. What would you say to them?” “Why is it important to pray with the body?” “How can you avoid falling into the trap of falling into routine when you’re praying, the trap of going through the words or motions without paying attention?” “There’s a chapter on meditation in your book on prayer. How do you see the relationship between meditation and prayer in your own life?” “How can people find the time to pray every day? “What is the one thing people can do every day that will bring them closer to the happiness they seek?” “How is prayer related to peace and to peacemaking?” “Should Christians who are attracted to Buddhist teachings become Buddhists?” “What did you find in Vietnam when you returned in 2005? What were your impressions?” “You will be 80 this year. Do you plan to retire as a spiritual teacher at any point?”

We also shared some updates on our upcoming Retreat with Plum Village monastics, right here in Singapore. It will start at 6:00PM Thursday 1st December, and end on Sunday 4th December. Do plan ahead if you are interested. More information about the retreat can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you again. Take care!